Antelope Canyon

I am grateful to the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association (CACCA) for awarding my image named “Entry” with an Acceptance Ribbon in its 2010 Annual Spring Salon Competition.

CACCA was founded in 1936, and is a progressive photographic organization composed of about forty clubs in the Chicago area.  Over 1000 members are actively engaged in every phase of photography.

“Entry”, Antelope Canyon, Navajolands, Arizona

An Acceptance Award is granted to the highest scoring one-third of submissions, and means that the image will be included in a promotional DVD.  It scored a 24 (average of 8 from each of 3 judges) with the highest possible score being a 27 (9 from each of 3 judges).

From the CACCA Judges Handbook:

An image that scores an 8 is a very strong image. Such an image is technically correct and much more. The elements of the image must work together. If there are flaws, they are minor and hard to find. Obvious flaws must be compensated by other elements in the image. Images that score an 8 may break the “rules”. When the rules are broken, they are broken for impact. Technical excellence is expected to a high degree in an image scoring 8. Difficult exposures, effective use of selective focusing and depth of field, as well as other advanced photographic techniques are commonly found in such an image. The image exhibits SEVERAL elements towards which those who are working at polishing their craft should be striving.

9 thoughts on “Antelope Canyon

  1. Harry, You are the King! When did you go to Page for this shoot? I can only think of one word to describe your work in Antelope Canyon – Awesome!!

    bubs of earl


  2. HI Harry

    Awesome, love Antelope Canyon, I have some black and whites for Antelope Canyon in one of my bedrooms in my home.

    So beautiful, looks like you are having so much fun with your photography.

    Peace, and blessings


  3. Hi Unc – just so you know, you’re a winner even before the CACCA award! But it sure is great to have your efforts noticed by peers & other professionals. Awesome shot and I believe the sky is the limit for your talent & artistry. Keep on clickin!

    Peace & love,



    We also find it interesting that your “win” is the photo that we opted to receive and have just outside the door going outside to our screened living room, where by the way, we are now spending increasing time. Shortly, this room is where I will spend my early morning time so called Meditating and, no doubt your Antelope photo will often be included in that special time for me.

    Again, congratulations.
    Frank and Joanne


  5. Awe inspiring!! The beauty of nature captured so brilliantly. I love the way your view encompassed the light in the depth of your photo. Keep on thrilling us with your vision.



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