Masterclass :: Obtaining Ideal Color

Assignment: City Streets

“Working in an urban area where there are plenty of people present, try to capture the busy scene in a balanced, well-composed image.  You can either record a general view, or get in close to take a more intimate shot.  Take advantage of colors and shapes when composing and organizing the shot.”

— from Digital Photography Masterclass by Tom Ang


This assignment was about looking for ways to compose with color and shape in an urban area with people present.  The famous Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago’s Millennium Park is always surrounded by people.  This image uses a clear blue sky to define the three spikes of buildings poking upwards like asparagus, with a huge silver melon of a sculpture stealing the show in the foreground.

Man’s Vegetable Garden.


6 thoughts on “Masterclass :: Obtaining Ideal Color

  1. Hi Harry. I have been observing your progress through your email galleries. Your shots of natural wonders were great. For cityscapes, challenge yourself even more. Tourists shoot the bean every day–you can shoot what only a native knows. Capture an unmistakable Chicago detail which people pass without notice. See if you can select the decisive moment in the composition of the small and the large. Good luck!


    • Thanks, Dave. Watch for my next post, it will link to a gallery of Chicago scenes I have photographed in the last few months. I may also put up a poll to ask, “What is your favorite Chicago landmark?”, and then make a project to shoot it in a unique way.


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