Masterclass :: Mastering Composition

Assignment: Composition on Location

“Imagine that a magazine or website has asked you to illustrate a feature on the techniques of composition and choose a famous landmark as you main subject.  Use every trick in the book to produce an unusual interpretation of a well-known local feature.”

— from Digital Photography Masterclass by Tom Ang


This was fun. I try to “use every trick in the book to produce an unusual interpretation” on all my shoots.  Or should I say, I look around and try to capture something beautiful on all my shoots.

The tricks are not all in a book, though.  I believe they come more from inspiration.

Choosing a single famous landmark for Chicago was something I tried to do and could not.  Sears (now Willis) Tower, the Hancock Building, Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, boats, lake sunrises, and on and on.  What’s your favorite Chicago landmark?  What says CHICAGO to me is the Chicago skyline, and I was able to capture it in pre-dawn light, lit by its own city lights glow.

“Chicago North Panorama”, (C) Harry Hitzeman

See this panorama in full screen slide show mode at my Chicago Set on flickr, as well as images from Navy Pier, Ohio Street Beach, North Avenue Beach, and Millennium Park.

Building Bloom Vertical

“Building Bloom Vertical”, Smurfit-Stone Building, 150 North Michigan Avenue, from Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois

6 thoughts on “Masterclass :: Mastering Composition

  1. Harry love the building in bloom…You are an artist! I really love your art, Harry. Im happy for you…You should do a show. Rob’s doing a show in Florence this summer…another artist in the family. He is into sculpture. thanks for your pictures. Ireally enjoy them…debotski


  2. Harry,

    You have captured so many of my favorite images of that part of Chicago. It is fun to see your work grow so beautifully.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thank you Pranananda. Chicago has lots of beautiful, scenic places to see. I’m glad you are enjoying my small show of some of them. Soon I’d like to do a night shoot of some of the river spots and bridges downtown.


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