Water Color

Water Color
Water Color, Cannon Beach, Oregon

I wanted to write something clever and inspiring for this post.  I was even going to go so far as to quote Forrest Gump, and how his saying about chocolates also applies to landscape/nature photographers: “Life [landscape photography] is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

I was going to emphasize that the work is to be there, READY to receive what comes, to put yourself in a place and time to receive what the sky and weather and light and wind give you.  Just be READY!

But I had lunch with my son Harry III today, and he told me, “Dad, you don’t have to write anything.  Your pictures are worth a thousand words.”

So without further ado, I invite you to view my Oregon Set on flickr — Hood River, the Columbia River Gorge, and the Pacific coast from Florence to Astoria.  Waterfalls, mountains, lighthouses, crashing waves, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.



8 thoughts on “Water Color”

  1. Hi Uncle Harry,

    I was just on LinkedIn, and clicke on your Photo blog. The Oregon pictures are just beyond beauty! Dave and I were thinking of taking a trip there next year, and now I am more excited then ever about going. Keep up with this passion of yours. I believe you have found your calling!


  2. Hi cousin!
    Harry ,your son is right. HHH 3 said it and a picture IS worth a thousand words.
    I keep telling the wife , hey look for depth percetion in your shots and try to use nature around what you are focusin on to get the full impact. Like using trees in the front of your shot with something farther away that is more pleasing to the eye for the center. Simple stuff like that. Your Uncle Lowell was quite the phtographer. His birthday was today Harry! Hope you are well. We are planning a trip to Jerusalem in January. 15 days. wanda and I and 51 others.


  3. Harry, these are such fabulous photos, breathtakingly beautiful and amazing. they sure make me want to go see the Oregon coastline.
    Your work is terrific, thanks for sharing.


  4. Harry, very nice photos. Nice light and composition. Moonlight shots and sunset at Cannon Beach are particularly my favorites. I also like the waterfall shots. Summer Nature Photography magazine has an article on Oregon Waterfalls as did the spring issue. Check it out.
    The lighthouse shot on the hill is also very beautiful. Too many great ones to choose from. Well done.


    1. Thanks for all you’ve helped me learn about this past year, Steve. It’s great to have a friend who’s excited about photography and from whom I am learning so much.

      I put in a lot of effort on this trip, and was rewarded with some beautiful light along the coast.


  5. Awesome Uncle Harry! You were a busy man when you were here. We are lucky to live in Oregon. I love shots like Perpetual Shine where the water is blurred. The shots around Cannon Beach were top notch. I have some moon setting pictures from Ecola State Park that I took before I went surfing. Amazing places for sure.


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