Pack's Gold

Pack’s Gold

Do you edit your images?

I am often asked if I edit or enhance my images.


Ansel Adams edited his film images in his film development and printing.  I edit in my digital images on a computer with software.

Pack's Gold
Pack’s Gold

Here’s my image titled “Pack’s Gold” from my New Mexico portfolio.  This image was honored with an award at the Mayslake Nature Study and Photography Club on December 6, 2010.

It’s my artistic expression of that scene, that night.  It has a “wow” factor.  Its contrast, color, and composition strikes a bit of awe and wonder in me and probably the judges too.   Someone commented to me later, “I bet it didn’t look that way.”  Right!  As an artist, I created this image to reflect the feeling and the impact of that magical evening — setting sunlight on the land against a dark stormy sky.

Do You Have Blue in Your Carpet?

Here’s another version of that scene:

Pack's Gold for Blue Lovers
Pack’s Gold for Blue Lovers

Not bad.  This one you might like if you prefer blue, or if the blue in the photo matches your carpet.

Both images were developed in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  Did it really look like either of these that evening?  Who can say?  I am the artist, and the first image is what I saw that night.  My will to create and my artist tools (the camera and software) allow me to render an image of awe and wonder that attempts to show how that scene in that evening moved my soul.

Is your camera an artist?

Below is the image as the camera processor recorded it, “camera neutral”.  A machine’s view of things, not an artist’s view.

Pack's Gold Raw File
Pack’s Gold Raw File

9 thoughts on “Pack’s Gold”

  1. Harry, my daughter and future son-in-law love your work. Both responded so powerfully, my daughter said she wants to live there, so would I.

    Happy Winter Solstice and beautiful Capricorn full moon. May you grow and expand each day with your amazing creative endeavors.

    Peace, light and joy



  2. Harry, the pictures are awesome. Thanks for sending.

    My future son-in-law has an interest in photography so hope you do not mind if I send him your posts.

    Blessings and lots of warm loving light


  3. Wow!!!!

    You truly are an “arteeeest” as Dad would say. Your vision of the natural landscape truly brings out the beauty that can sometimes be overlooked. On a perfect day, as you say, this is how the scenic wonder can be enjoyed. #1 is breathtaking, but to truly appreciate it-you have shown that the vision can be admired in many different ways. All of them are perfect. Keep on looking for new ways to see the beauty around us. I can’t wait until you begin to pursue people. Talk about a varied landscape.

    I hope all is well with everyone, and that you will have a beautiful and blessed Christmas.

    Love always,



  4. I enjoy your enjoyment! What about “My” blue sofa? Could you tweak the tint a little? Just joking, and it is very satisfying to laugh with you!


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