Rock Legends

On a recent trip to Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah, I was hiking and looking for a photographic composition to capture my wonder at this place.  And I saw these two rocks holding hands on a great smooth rock.  I took the shot and have wondered why I so much like to photograph rocks. Being of Capricorn … Continue reading Rock Legends

New Mexico :: Georgia O’Keeffe Country

Tomorrow I'm heading over to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico, to teach a week of Digital SLR Photography in Georgia O'Keeffe country. I look forward to spending time in that most beautiful landscape, sharing this passion with a new group of participants.

Hosta Cuddle

I was running out of inspiration in my photography.  My last "photography trip" was way back in early March 2011, and the next one would not be for a year or more.  No one was buying my photos, and no one was enrolling in my workshops.  I was getting very few "Likes" on my posts.  … Continue reading Hosta Cuddle