My New e-Book Is Here!

Throughout the year I enjoy giving seminars to audiences around the country. In most of my workshops my talks are “how-to” photography talks, where I teach about camera controls and techniques, using my favorite photographs from around the world as examples.  Each image is accompanied by a photography or Photoshop/Lightroom or travel tip.

One of my favorite seminars is How to Use Your Intuition and Imagination to Create Impactful Photographs It’s not a how-to, technical seminar. Rather, it’s a seminar on how to use your intuition — the knowing inside you that gives you an “Ooooh!” feeling when you see something beautiful — and your imagination — the vision in your mind’s eye that inspires you — to create an impactful photograph.

The talk is about an hour long. I have expanded some of the concepts of that talk and put it all together into an easy-to-read, 75-page e-book of the same title.

Although the e-book is photography-centric, I believe all creatives can benefit from reading it. Yes, I hope the photographs (some of my favorites) themselves are inspiring, but my main goal with this e-book is to encourage you to trust your own creative instincts.

I also think you will enjoy learning about the “Seven Crayons” toolbox to help you imbue your images with your own personal vision.

I hope you enjoy the e-book, and good luck with your photography and with your art!

Harry Hitzeman

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