Hitzeman Photo Walk Class Photos

Here are class photos of the participants from some of the composition workshops I've taught.  My thanks to all of you for being there and sharing your way of  seeing beauty!   Thank you for these comments too! "Thank you again for such a great class! My sister and I enjoyed ourselves and we really … Continue reading Hitzeman Photo Walk Class Photos

Pack’s Gold

Do you edit your images? I am often asked if I edit or enhance my images. Absolutely! Ansel Adams edited his film images in his film development and printing.  I edit in my digital images on a computer with software. Here's my image titled "Pack's Gold" from my New Mexico portfolio.  This image was honored with an award at the … Continue reading Pack’s Gold

Masterclass :: Obtaining Ideal Color

Assignment: City Streets "Working in an urban area where there are plenty of people present, try to capture the busy scene in a balanced, well-composed image.  You can either record a general view, or get in close to take a more intimate shot.  Take advantage of colors and shapes when composing and organizing the shot." … Continue reading Masterclass :: Obtaining Ideal Color