Masterclass :: Perfecting Your Timing

Prada is the name of this pug dog, an energetic, curious, and eventually friendly female. I did a lot of crawling around on the floor trying to get the shot, but Prada kept coming over and nuzzling against my thigh. I think she likes me.

Masterclass :: Mastering Composition

Assignment: Composition on Location "Imagine that a magazine or website has asked you to illustrate a feature on the techniques of composition and choose a famous landmark as you main subject.  Use every trick in the book to produce an unusual interpretation of a well-known local feature." -- from Digital Photography Masterclass by Tom Ang … Continue reading Masterclass :: Mastering Composition

Masterclass :: Obtaining Ideal Color

Assignment: City Streets "Working in an urban area where there are plenty of people present, try to capture the busy scene in a balanced, well-composed image.  You can either record a general view, or get in close to take a more intimate shot.  Take advantage of colors and shapes when composing and organizing the shot." … Continue reading Masterclass :: Obtaining Ideal Color