Pack’s Gold

Do you edit your images? I am often asked if I edit or enhance my images. Absolutely! Ansel Adams edited his film images in his film development and printing.  I edit in my digital images on a computer with software. Here's my image titled "Pack's Gold" from my New Mexico portfolio.  This image was honored with an award at the … Continue reading Pack’s Gold

Three Kings

My New Mexico set is now online at flickr. This was an exciting trip to several iconic locations in north-central New Mexico.  I was blessed with beautiful weather and days of spectacular clouds and light while photographing Battleship Rock, Cerro Pedernal, Chama River, Chimney Rock, Plaza Blanca, Orphan Mesa, Mesa Montosa, and the brilliantly colorful … Continue reading Three Kings

Gateway to Heaven

This image is of the rock formation known as Puerta Del Cielo, or Gateway to Heaven, with the red hills of Georgia O'Keeffe's painted desert in the foreground. So many beautiful locations in New Mexico, see more here!