Harry H. Hitzeman, Jr.

Beauty brings me joy.  So I try to bring my joy and appreciation of  beauty in all forms to my images.

As a professional Fine Art Landscape Photographer and lifelong resident of the Chicago area, I’ve spent many moments there and around the United States photographing the joy and eternity that Nature offers humans.  My work reflects my reverence for life and desire to hold the broadest horizon of awareness in whatever I photograph.

Artist’s Statement

I work to create photographs that reflect my vision of the eternal and infinite beauty of life. For me, being in nature and capturing its beauty in a photograph sustains the joy I experience in the first seeing of it.  It brings me — clearly and with deep gratitude — to the realization that I am one with life.

Nature has done a great job of getting so many beautiful things set up for us. My joy is in going out and savoring it, capturing it, and sharing it with you, and helping others do the same.

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