Harry H. Hitzeman, Jr.

Artist Bio

I am a professional Fine Art Landscape Photographer of nature and architecture, residing in the Chicago area.

My early enjoyment of nature was fostered by the Boy Scouts. An interest in the art and science of architecture led me to become a licensed Structural Engineer. In my 20’s and 30’s, I enjoyed taking my three children on summer trips in nature–Yosemite National Park was a huge hit. Although I took lots of family photographs of the kids, what I most enjoyed was photographing the beautiful landscapes around me..

My career moved into software development, and with the change in photography from film to digital, my photography took off. Since 2009 I have enjoyed being a kid again, photographing the joy and beauty that Nature offers humans.  My work reflects my reverence for life and desire to hold the broadest horizon of awareness in whatever I photograph.

Artist’s Statement

Cross a nature-loving Boy Scout with a Structural Engineer, a Photographer, a Software Engineer, and a large dollop of Intuition, what do you get? Me and My Art.

I start with the Tools of Digital Photography, striving to get to the right place at the right time, capturing bits of raw material for my art. I then mold this raw material in the digital darkroom – invoking the Wizard’s Software – to shape my personal visual slice of the beauty of nature and man-made structures.

I want you to feel you are there with me, and that Beauty is even bigger and better than you remember.

My art showcases…

  • Bright Colors and Visual Effects that are not always realistic (but may be real anyway!), such as Color Exaggeration/Distortion or Blurring / Streaking.
  • Landscape Foreground Detail, to create the feeling of “You Are There”.
  • Unique Lighting and Perspective that draws out pleasing and normally hidden details.
  • Contrast between Forms in Nature (mountains vs. stones).
  • Contrast between Durability in Time (a sagebrush vs. a mountain).

… and always a Reverent Gratitude for the beautiful gift of this garden called Life.

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